Why You Should Take Advantage of 3-D Printing for Packaging Designs

There are many advantages to using 3-D printing technology for innovative product packaging. With three-dimensional printing, companies have nearly unlimited possibilities to create useful, visually appealing packaging for products. Because of real-time capabilities, 3-D printing provides multiple advantages for packaging clients.

Convenience in Product Prototypes

The ability to prototype product packaging on the spot makes the whole process of designing and testing the packaging more efficient. Whereas prototypes would normally come toward the end of the process, 3-D printing technology allows for an early simple prototype that can help map out the final design to be used.

packaging prototype

The early prototype can help packaging experts by providing them with a physical visual reference, testing subject and quality control determinant.


Simpler Packaging Design & Refining

3-D printing not only helps with prototyping, but it also helps with showcasing designs for clients and improves the fine-tuning process. Clients can see how the final product will look when it might not be as clear otherwise. This is particularly useful with complex packaging designs, where it would normally be hard for clients to visualize the final product without a physical, constructed representation. They can also see how certain printing techniques will look, such as lenticular packaging designs and other innovative prints.

lenticular printing

More Accurate Sizing & Fitting

One of the benefits to having 3-D printed packaging prototypes is the ability to ensure that the packaging fits over the product. Any issues with fitting can be easily determined this way, and the packaging team can immediately start re-sizing and refitting. Packaging experts might otherwise not be able to easily test and refit products until the final stages.

Makes Pricing Easier

A 3-D printed package can ultimately help packaging experts determine how a product will cost. Printing will help specialists figure out the resources needed for the final product ahead of time, making pricing for the entire process more accurate from the start.

Innovative packaging technologies like 3-D packaging printing are making the entire process more efficient while improving the quality.

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