Packaging Trends You’re Likely to See in 2016

Kellogg's Lite Chips bagsThe packaging industry will never simply settle on a specific packaging design; packaging experts are always trying to find ways to make designs more innovative and modern, with fresh ideas to keep products visually engaging.

Here are some of the trends you can expect to see in the packaging industry throughout 2016, to help you make sure your packaging stays relevant and give you some ideas for innovation.

Authentic Packaging

Consumers are gradually becoming disillusioned with corporate packaging, as it tends to come off as deceptive and mass-produced, with a cold disconnect behind it. People want warm, detailed packaging that looks handcrafted, even if it is mass-produced.

A good example of this is the bags that Chipotle gives to customers. Work from various writers is featured on the bags, along with humorous detailed content about Chipotle that people have submitted. It keeps Chipotle from feeling like a distant corporation and makes it seem as though they are truly interested in satisfying and listening to the consumer.

Some authentic packaging in this nature would include bags that tell a unique story behind each product contained, with colorfully written content that engages consumers as much as the product itself.

Throwback Packaging

While packaging that imitates old variations isn’t new, the nostalgic times that packaging strives to replicate are moving forward. Many designs from the ’80s and earlier were all the rage for awhile, such as throwback Pepsi products with their retro designs advertising real sugar content. However, it seems like the ’90s is the decade that people are going to be paying attention to, with drinks such as Crystal Pepsi making a comeback within the next year. Granted Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler, a staple from the ’80s, is also soon to return.

Of course, the old times are also seeing a comeback in packaging.

Geometric Designs

Speaking of the ’80s, another trend that was popular then is coming back in a big way: geometric packaging. Alright, so you may not see a random mass of neon-colored angular shapes and postmodern checkerboard patterns akin to backgrounds you’d see in Saved by the Bell posters, but you will likely see some unique geometric designs such as Evil Twins’ triangle-themed beer cans.

Abstract Art

Okay, so this is another ’80s-related trend, but with a modern twist. Many companies are applying abstract art designs to their packaging, including certain wine companies and more. You’ll probably see this trend continue to develop in 2016 as well.

These are only a few of the trends you may see in 2016, with many others unforeseeable as of yet.

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